2018 Labor Calendars are here!!!

Wuddup sweet people!

I first wanted to give a huge, big, sincere ‘THANK YOU!!!‘ to those of you who have cheered me on throughout the creation of this calendar.  The final product has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see it on peoples’ walls.

Below is the cover page and two of the images included in the wall calendar.

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The calendar contains insightful and inspirational labor quotes by Rosa Luxemburg, Eugene Debs, Vladamir Lenin, and Karl Marx.  All the images started as simple and pretty pictures of flowers until I applied hours of experimentation and the channeled the exhilaration of the Russian Revolution.

Again, I’m really excited about the final product…  and if you’re someone who follows what I do, please note: this calendar is both the completion and start of something new.  All that experimentation planted numerous seeds in my head.  I learned a lot.  The ‘complicated’ became simple.  And I’m antsy for 2018.

Note: if you live in Denver and want to make pick up arrangements, that’s totally doable.  Send me a text (720.207.8313) or an email (ric@ricurrutiaphotography.com) and we’ll make that happen,

Roka at Levitt Pavillion

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while…

Here’s a sweet, sweet video for our sweet, sweet show at Levitt Pavillion in Denver. No big deal… Just another night of crushing it with some funky Latin ska.

2018 Labor Calendar: Flowers & their Workers (sneak preview)

Cool, man…  Looks like I’m actually gonna hit my deadline for once…

Here’s a sneak pic of one of the images from my 2018 calendar.

…haven’t put the labor quotes in yet but that’s what’s happening today and tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Bees Tease

University of Denver / National Public Radio

We got fancy tonight!  Used all my big words and played good!24058888_10159837084740436_2638552911343315760_n

Yep…  Played at the Newman Center for Performing Arts at University of Denver.

The event was so exclusive and fine that we only played one song.

And at the end of our song, I turned and complimented my band mates with ‘good one-song tonight, man!’  Hell yeah…  …another page, in a chapter, in a book, in an encyclopedia collection from the 80s, that includes an entry on The Fly and Jeff Goldblum, personally.

Dendrites and Sorry Sweetheart this Friday…


Sorry Sweetheart at The Marquis, downtown Denver


Yo, two of Denver’s baddest ska bands in one spot…

Dendrites just released a new album and it’s fucking fire…

Get your ass out on the town and check ’em both out!!!

Click right here right here for the FB invite…  It’s this Friday.

But for realz: that new Dendrites album!

That Moon Hooch though…

These cats are fucking bad ass.


They’re fire…  Especially at 2:58…  Shit is just UNLEASHED.


We need more music like this…  A lot more music like this…  More fire like this…  Doesn’t matter what *style, nation of origin, or instruments…  Just FIRE to keep us going through these times of daily psychological trauma and torment.

In a world full of triceratops…

Yo, this recording is bad ass.

(Sorry, I got no fancy embedding of it… Just the cold, cold link)


(…and hence the sweet pics below to compensate.)


The radio show is from KGNU in Boulder, CO (Oct. 2017). …we didn’t put any pressure on it, didn’t overthink it and therefore: CRUSHED IT.

A performance I’m still proud of…

And if I may speak truth to reality… The essence of this performance is that we *all* roll in like a bunch of Triceratops crashing a fancy ballroom party….

And then, precisely at 2 minutes and 30 seconds: 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up… saxophone in hand. …and T-Rex crushes it.

That’s all for tonight…