Inside Scoopers on Roka’s 1st album, ‘Red’



The inside scoop…

(cuz you know a guy)

On May 28th, Roka Hueka is releasing its first album.

It’s called ‘Red’.

I remember the weeks prior to recording I was *hoping(!!!) we would walk away with 3, maybe 5, album-worthy songs.

But we got into our recording space, did 2 takes per song, and walked away with 8 bad ass songs for our first album.

[…and one thing that was really important to me: we captured the energy of our shows by recording *live takes in the studio.]

Songs about love.
Songs about struggle.
Songs for Ferguson and Ayotzinapa.

This album is one of my proudest achievements.

This is the our first listen after a little while of recording…