Re: Ivanka Trump praises Saudi Arabia’s progress on women’s rights

Ivanka Saudi
Sorry but I can’t leave this one alone.
Really, who are we (much less: the Trump administration) to ever, ever judge the treatment of women in other nations?
The US’s own statistics are mind-boggling and serve as evidence of a barbaric society.
We live in a nation where a woman is raped every 90 seconds and 1 in 6 women can claim to be the victim of sexual assault…
And get this:
Instead of teaching men not to rape………………
*Instead of teaching men not to rape…….
We turn around and ask the rape victim what they were wearing that night.
So, really: who are we to judge? Ever?
If you were from another nation looking at the US and you were aware of those kinds of statistics, you’d think that was some batshit crazy barbaric male-supremacist shit. …and would probably think twice about touching it.
Furthermore: our commander-in-chief considers ‘grab them by the pussy’ to be ‘locker-room talk’.
Who the hell are we to ever judge/criticize the treatment of women in other nations?
Why not start by working on this shit in our own immediate communities and circles?
We could start by teaching men not to rape.

Step 2: teach men how not to rape, some more.
Step 3, 4, etc: don’t be creepy…  Don’t cat call…  Don’t stalk…  Don’t crack rape jokes…
Really, not that difficult…
But alas, speaking directly to the article… because it has a labor element attached…
Congrats to Saudi women… Seems as though more Saudi women will now have the ‘freedom’ to sell *their skills/lives away in hourly increments to business owners in Saudi Arabia.
Welcome to life as a worker in the working class.
Liberals in this nation will undoubtedly applaud this as part of your ‘march towards liberation’…  Just a heads up on that…