2018 Labor Calendars are here!!!

Wuddup sweet people!

I first wanted to give a huge, big, sincere ‘THANK YOU!!!‘ to those of you who have cheered me on throughout the creation of this calendar.  The final product has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see it on peoples’ walls.

Below is the cover page and two of the images included in the wall calendar.

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The calendar contains insightful and inspirational labor quotes by Rosa Luxemburg, Eugene Debs, Vladamir Lenin, and Karl Marx.  All the images started as simple and pretty pictures of flowers until I applied hours of experimentation and the channeled the exhilaration of the Russian Revolution.

Again, I’m really excited about the final product…  and if you’re someone who follows what I do, please note: this calendar is both the completion and start of something new.  All that experimentation planted numerous seeds in my head.  I learned a lot.  The ‘complicated’ became simple.  And I’m antsy for 2018.

Note: if you live in Denver and want to make pick up arrangements, that’s totally doable.  Send me a text (720.207.8313) or an email (ric@ricurrutiaphotography.com) and we’ll make that happen,