About Mr. Urrutia

email: hrurrutia@gmail.com
text/phone: 720.207.8313 (Denver, CO)

Basically: I was 16, guitar was too hard (too many strings/chords) but I still wanted to be in the band and no one else wanted to play bass…

SO NOW I DOMINATE THE INSTRUMENT!!!  I play in a variety of projects but my main babies are: Debajo del Agua, Roka Hueka, Pink Hawks, and Roots, Rice & Beans.

As a bassist, I love cats like Charles Mingus, Les Claypool, Geezer Butler, and Bootsy Collins.  The bands I play in throw down with a variety of styles including: cumbia, jazz, funk, disco, andino, soul, reggae, ska, blues, drum n’ bass, reggeton, rock, punk, waltz, experimental, afrobeat, etc…

I’m also a photographer.  My dad always put a camera in my hands so I’ve been doing that since I was a kid.  I do weddings, portraits, special events, photojournalism, etc.

This blog is a snapshot of my little corner of the Denver music scene.