Damn, it’s been a while…

Life’s just been throwing some punches, curve balls, whatever you wanna call it… I haven’t been in a ‘sharing’ places for a while… But I think life is starting to sort itself out a little bit… or a least: I’m learning to roll with the punches. …and despite all the punches, music keeps my shit sane.

I guess the most recent sweet things have been Roka’s performance at the Levitt Pavillion (below)…


A tour with Pink Hawks (which also played at the Levitt)…


Roots, Rice & Beans album release…

So, yeah! Shit’s been busy as well…

Up next:


I try to guide you to some good stuff, Denver… …late 2017 / early 2018.

Here’s part of what you should check out in 2018…

Vic and the Narwhals…  I’m a fan…  Roka played with them about six months ago and I saw them playing with Don Chicharron last weekend.  I dunno how these cats describe themselves but I’d say something along the lines of: Latin-fusion-psychedelic…  Whatever your description: these cats are fun…  They’re playing on January 18th at Lost Lakedsc09084.jpg

And then there’s Don Chicharron…  Another fav…  This cats drop the Peruvian Chicha on ya…  For those who aren’t familiar: chicha = psychedelic cumbia.  C’mon…  You already know that shit just sounds tight…  These cats played with Vic and the Narwhals at Hi-Dive…


Also!  Saved by Aliens.  Yo, if you’re into bass/drum duo…  These cats.  If you’re reading this blog you may be familiar with my own music, style, abilities, etc…  …yeah, this cat made me wanna go home and practice.  …in an inspired way.  Good shit, yo…  Kid dominates the looper pedal.


Also recently checked out Me Me Monster…  I had heard them from a distance while walking the Denver [Santa Fe] Art Walk last summer but by the time I got to the spot where they were performing they’d were calling it quits.  Still, I made a mental note to check them out and I wasn’t disappointed.   It’s a rock trio: bass, drums, guitar…  Charismatic drummer/singer..  These cats got tricks, yo…  Solid musicians, dress the part, and they take you away for a minute…  They funny…  The bassist wears a monkey mask and plays a sweet Fender Jaguar bass…


2018 Labor Calendars are here!!!

Wuddup sweet people!

I first wanted to give a huge, big, sincere ‘THANK YOU!!!‘ to those of you who have cheered me on throughout the creation of this calendar.  The final product has exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see it on peoples’ walls.

Below is the cover page and two of the images included in the wall calendar.

Calendar Sale Display

Order 1 calendar ($20 + $5 shipping and handling):
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Order 3 or more calendars ($20 each, free shipping):
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The calendar contains insightful and inspirational labor quotes by Rosa Luxemburg, Eugene Debs, Vladamir Lenin, and Karl Marx.  All the images started as simple and pretty pictures of flowers until I applied hours of experimentation and the channeled the exhilaration of the Russian Revolution.

Again, I’m really excited about the final product…  and if you’re someone who follows what I do, please note: this calendar is both the completion and start of something new.  All that experimentation planted numerous seeds in my head.  I learned a lot.  The ‘complicated’ became simple.  And I’m antsy for 2018.

Note: if you live in Denver and want to make pick up arrangements, that’s totally doable.  Send me a text (720.207.8313) or an email (ric@ricurrutiaphotography.com) and we’ll make that happen,

2018 Labor Calendar: Flowers & their Workers (sneak preview)

Cool, man…  Looks like I’m actually gonna hit my deadline for once…

Here’s a sneak pic of one of the images from my 2018 calendar.

…haven’t put the labor quotes in yet but that’s what’s happening today and tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Bees Tease

Just walk in like you *own the place.

Maria and I Fancy at the Broadmoor

My sweet cousin Maria and I…  At the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.  I’m generally consistent in my behavior…  Even when sitting near a mini-sculptured elephant. Which, btw: hell yeah.

Pics from Territorio Liberado

Finally finding some time to catch up with my blog again…  …and some photos.

I snapped these at Territorio Liberado (Sept. 10th 2017, Lost Lake).

Mirror Fears

Church Fire

The Slackers at the Bluebird in Denver

I was just on a stroll through memory lane and came across this pic…DSC02343.jpg
This is from when Roka Hueka opened at the Bluebird…  Slackers were doing soundcheck and I snapped this pic…


Pink Hawks in San Luis, CO


Chicano Picasso, Feb. 2016

YO!  This was a dope day…  This pic was taken at DU shortly after we pitched our project to a panel of judges.  I just dig this pic, that’s all…  Love all the cats that’re in these…

Left to right on the top pic: me, Sheree, Randy, Zay, Molina Speaks, Olivia, Yuzo…


Myself and Yuzo.SONY DSC