Pink Hawks, Roka Hueka, Mocochetes!!!


This one’s gonna be particular fire.

The membership of these three bands overlaps.  Horns overlap, guitars overlap, bass overlaps…  And that’s precisely what I love about it.  If feels like: yeah, we all have our own individual projects that we’re committed to but ultimately: we’re community…  we’re fam.  …and we’re all bad-ass musicians.


All three bands fuse all types of stuff…  So you’ll hear dozens of different styles throughout the course of the night…  So to keep it simple and tidy:

Pink Hawks: afrobeat/funk
Roka Hueka: Latin ska
Mocochetes: Latin fusion

More bragging: all three bands were nominated for ‘Best Latin Act’ by the Westword.

More hype: all three bands will merge together like Voltron to drop a cumbia on everyone so get ready to rock your most comfortable dancing shoes that night!

There’s gonna be sweatin’…  and I love sweatin’…  I really do love sweatin’…

Here’s the Facebook event.  Try not to sweat on it, please, thanks!

See you there!


Yeah, but… does it have a repeat-1 option?

Tonight’s show was like every other show: we performed, I recorded our performance, got home, listened to the recording until I passed out.

…and that’s all I’ll listen to.

For the next several weeks…

Until our next show/recording.

Over and over.  Somewhere around 50+ times…

…and I got no shame.  I love the projects I work on, I listen to refine the bass lines, and I listen because I want to bring people something that is worth their time.

Pink Hawks with Hard Proof at the Hi-Dive Oct. 20th



Here’s your opportunity to afrobeat your face off.  All  night till the break-a-break-a dawn…  Or until they close the Hi-Dive at 2am.

Pink Hawks will be opening for Hard Proof on Thurs, Oct. 20, 2016.  This may or may not be my first time playing the Hi-Dive.  I dunno.  I’ll sniff the stage in search of my scent from yesteryear.

Bring your sweat cuz you’re gonna leave it there.  On the dance floor cuz…  You’re gonna move…  You’re gonna groove…  Yeah…  Just click here for tickets and details and trust me

Pink Hawks in San Luis, CO


Roka Hueka, Pink Hawks, Altas, July 2nd @ Globe Hall

13411979_1710529882540861_6177837866513186203_o.pngThis show’s gonna be cookin’!

Been waiting a long time to share the stage with Altas!!!  Looking forward to this show, the venue, the BBQ, good times!

Your Concert Calendar for May and June…


If you wanna be cool with the cool kids…

If you wanna be the one who walks into work, dropping knowledge bombs about all the bad ass local music in town…

If you just wanna bust a move, sweat it out, and get the fuck away from the drudges of every day capitalism…

Here’s your concert calendar for the next couple of months…

You can’t go wrong with any of these…

Sunday, May 1st: Pink Hawks will be performing with the 303 Choir at the Mercury Cafe. Come check us out as we perform with a local community youth choir! Show is at 2pm.

Friday, May 6th: ArteCura will be performing at the Walnut Room with 2Mx2.

Saturday, May 28th: Roka Hueka CD Release party at Ophelia’s! We’ll be rocking the stage with ArteCura and Quilombo!

Saturday, June 18th: Debajo del Agua!!! At Ophelia’s with ArteCura and YucaSoul! This’ gonna be off the hook.

Posters are listed in the same order:



The Debajo @ Ophelia’s poster is in the works…  ; ) 12932913_1674379199477888_4848435188870080518_n