Denver Bands on Spotify


About a week ago I started putting together a Spotify play list with all the local Denver bands I could think of. …and now, with the help of some friends on Facebook, I’ve gathered over 600 songs (from numerous albums) and almost 40 hours worth of music including: metal, hip hop, rock, country, Latin, afrobeat, funk, ska, reggae, and other styles.

Click here for the play list

I think the best/funnest way to enjoy this is to open up the playlist and just hit “shuffle” until you find something you like.  …and when you find something you like, the cool thing is that you can catch many/most of these artists performing right here in Denver.

I know I’m missing so much from this list (including the glaringly obvious)…  So please help me out if you see something missing…  I’m [mostly] looking for Denver or Colorado bands that’re actively writing and performing…

So far the artists include:
Allout Helter
Ark Life
Babah Fly
Blue Rider
Call of the Void
Cheap Perfume
Chella & The Charm
Cloud Catcher
Colfax Speed Queen
Debajo del Agua
DJ Cavem Moetavation
Envy on the Coast
Ghost Tapes
Gumbo le Funque
Ill 7even
Irie Still
J. Carey
Jaden Carlson Band
Judge Roughneck
Kid Astronaut
Land Lines
Mike Wird
Milk Blossoms
Molina Speaks
Mono Verde
Muscle Beach
Pink Hawks
Plastic Daggers
Raven and the Writing Desk
Roka Hueka
Rowdy Shadehouse
Safe Boating is No Accident
Sorry Sweetheart
Wheelchair Sports Camp

Debajo del Agua in Louisiana


I don’t blog nearly as much as I would like to…  and it pains me…  makes me think I’m slacking…

But then…  I consider all the stuff that I can update you on and I’m okay with myself…  Lots going on with music and I like to devote some time to these postings so can’t always keep up…

So a posting about the recent past.

Last week, Debajo del Agua was privileged, honored, blessed, lucky enough, [and whatever word that expresses inspiration/gratitude/joy], to play the the International Festival in Lafayette, LA.

Now…  Here’s wussup with that festival: it takes up all of downtown Lafayette with multiple stages hosting bands from all over the world…  so you feel like you’re walking two blocks to get from South Asia to France to Canada to Cuba to Singapore and back to Louisiana.  It’s bad ass.

…and I’d say about 200,000 people rolled through during the course of the weekend.

And still more: it’s free.  …and volunteer-driven.

Beyond that, the observations I made and nuggets of wisdom/inspiration I walked away with…

The caliber of musicianship is just…  exceptionally high.  There’s a lot of bad ass cats in Louisiana.  Walking down Bourbon Street I could just hear it…  bar after bar, bad ass bands, bad ass musicians.  …the caliber of musicianship reminded me of Los Angeles.  And still has me weighing the differences…  Whereas Los Angeles also has bad-ass musicians, music is more so defined by its commercial nature.  …i.e.  the capitalist commodification of music vs. the hustle of the musician.

In Louisiana, it was in the blood.  You felt it.  It was in the air, the community, the kids, the elder, the past, present, and future.

My band mates and I chilled out at a spot called Festival House a lot…  t’was the gathering spot for the musicians performing at the festival.  It was crazy, man…  BOMB ASS FOOD.  COOL ASS CATS!!!  Everyone I met, no exceptions, was on the humble…  just down-to-earth and cool…

…and beyond that: we were the band that played the Festival House.  Meaning: Debajo del Agua performed exclusively for the musicians, organizers, and volunteers for the festival.   That was quite the freakin’ honor, yo…

We play 3 times in 2 days plus one full practice… long weekend… but a long re-invigorating weekend.  It was a lot of work but somehow I came back with an surplus of energy.

This festival restored my hope in the idea that music can change the world.  Although I rarely go to McDonald’s, I know about 1/3 of the menu thanks to a jingle from the 1980s.

Fellow musicians, comrades:

We can do that…

But to save the world.

I BASSically dominated the Westword’s ‘Latin’ nominations…


If you click on this link:

…you’ll see that 3 out of the 5 bands listed under the ‘Latin’ section are bands I play in: Debajo, Roka, Pink Hawks.

3 out of 5.

Yo, 3 out of 5 is what I like to call “market domination”.   It is the equivalent of 60% and 60% could kick the ass of 40% in a fight.  So I’m jussayin’…


We need not fight.  The other two nominees (Izcalli, Mocochetes) are my friendz…  and I’d love to see them win as well.

And all joking aside: please vote for your favorite bands!

If you have a favorite genre you should look up the bands listed in that genre…  Google them, YouTube them, Facebook them, follow them, see them live in concert…  Thasswussup…

…and guess who loves the cat who rolls into work with ‘something to do for everyone’ this weekend?  Answer: EVERYONE at work…


Debajo del Agua/Artecura, Roka Hueka, and YukaSoul: Sat. Jan 7th, Ophelia’s.

Denver doodles,

Come to this show. The place is gonna be packed.

The January 7th, 2017 Musical Menu

Last time we played with YucaSoul he took us to every continent on the planet on some dope, danceable beats. He’s gonna open up the night. This man leads a double life in that he’s also Debajo’s bad ass percussionist. …an O.G. of the band.

Up next: Roka Hueka. Latin ska. Roka crushes it every time. Feels like we have a new song every month so if you haven’t seen us in a while it’ll be worth the journey. We take any/every rhythm we can think of and glue it together with a backbone of ska. A heavy Latin influence, high-energy, danceable, songs for love & struggle.

Finally: the OG’s of the night.

Debajo del Agua will set the place ablaze with a 20-song set.  I take a deep breath and gulp of saliva whenever I’m handed the Debajo del Agua set list.  That shit includes directions like: Saca–> into Aguas–>into ska–>into Cumbia–>into Luz–>into Sube Sube–>into Arabeton–>into Encapuchados, etc…

If I reflect on the fact that we only play together once every six months, then I’m all like: ‘How the hell do we make that shit happen every time?!’  But then if I reflect on the fact that we’ve known each other and played together for 10 years then I’m like: ‘OF COURSE we can do shit like that!’  In case you’ve never heard us: Debajo (aka ArteCura) takes all different types of rhythms (mostly Latin) and mixes it with socially-conscious hip hop in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  We’ve been packing Denver joints since 2006.

The show is at Ophelia’s.  Do yourself a favor: order an Airedale.

Here’s the link for tickets.

See you there sweet people!
In love and solidarity,

Debajo del Agua, ArteCura, YucaSoul Pachamerica Festival 2016

YO, yo, yo, yo, yoooooOOOooooOOOOOOOOOoooooOooOooOOOOooOoOOOOOOoo…

Check out this Debajo video:

…ten years with these cats.  This band took me to a whole new level as a musician.  Whole new level…

No firm plans on the next Debajo show…  You’ll see it here for sure though…

Debajo del Agua, ArteCura, Yucasoul at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

We came…
We saw…
We PACKED the place…

Close to 400 people in attendance!  We lit that shit up!

Debajo del Agua at Ophelia’s Saturday, June 18, 2016…

Next stop: the recording studio with ArteCura!!!

Inside Scoopers on Roka’s 1st album, ‘Red’



The inside scoop…

(cuz you know a guy)

On May 28th, Roka Hueka is releasing its first album.

It’s called ‘Red’.

I remember the weeks prior to recording I was *hoping(!!!) we would walk away with 3, maybe 5, album-worthy songs.

But we got into our recording space, did 2 takes per song, and walked away with 8 bad ass songs for our first album.

[…and one thing that was really important to me: we captured the energy of our shows by recording *live takes in the studio.]

Songs about love.
Songs about struggle.
Songs for Ferguson and Ayotzinapa.

This album is one of my proudest achievements.

This is the our first listen after a little while of recording…

El Javi at the Walnut Room

ArteCura got to share the stage with this bad ass musician last night.

No, seriously…  Dude is bad.  I think it takes a lot to entertain a crowd with instrument alone.  Mission accomplished.   El Javi…  Desde el DF.

Debajo del Agua w/ ArteCura & Yucasoul, Sat. June 18, Ophelia’s


There’s no other way to pitch this, man…  This show’s gonna be off the f’ing hook!

Here’s some pics from last year.

If you’re new to all of this, here’s what you can expect: Andean-influenced, socially conscious, Latin fusion hip-hop in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Get your tickets right now, right now!

Your Concert Calendar for May and June…


If you wanna be cool with the cool kids…

If you wanna be the one who walks into work, dropping knowledge bombs about all the bad ass local music in town…

If you just wanna bust a move, sweat it out, and get the fuck away from the drudges of every day capitalism…

Here’s your concert calendar for the next couple of months…

You can’t go wrong with any of these…

Sunday, May 1st: Pink Hawks will be performing with the 303 Choir at the Mercury Cafe. Come check us out as we perform with a local community youth choir! Show is at 2pm.

Friday, May 6th: ArteCura will be performing at the Walnut Room with 2Mx2.

Saturday, May 28th: Roka Hueka CD Release party at Ophelia’s! We’ll be rocking the stage with ArteCura and Quilombo!

Saturday, June 18th: Debajo del Agua!!! At Ophelia’s with ArteCura and YucaSoul! This’ gonna be off the hook.

Posters are listed in the same order:



The Debajo @ Ophelia’s poster is in the works…  ; ) 12932913_1674379199477888_4848435188870080518_n