Pink Hawks at Ophelia’s Feb 2018, Cartas a Felice in El Salvador

Pink Hawks performing at Ophelia’s, Feb 3rd, 2018.  Two days before I left for El Salvador…

…and El Salvador was: real.  Though things got real for me, I had plenty of time to hang out and do shit. 

Like: check out bands, go to the beach, sight seeing, eating, gettin’ a little drunk. 

I saw Cartas a Felice with my niece Francella “Fran!”…

…actually. all my outings with her and Toto (her brother/my nephew) were bad ass… sweet, sweet memories now…

Pink Hawks, Roka Hueka, Mocochetes!!!


This one’s gonna be particular fire.

The membership of these three bands overlaps.  Horns overlap, guitars overlap, bass overlaps…  And that’s precisely what I love about it.  If feels like: yeah, we all have our own individual projects that we’re committed to but ultimately: we’re community…  we’re fam.  …and we’re all bad-ass musicians.


All three bands fuse all types of stuff…  So you’ll hear dozens of different styles throughout the course of the night…  So to keep it simple and tidy:

Pink Hawks: afrobeat/funk
Roka Hueka: Latin ska
Mocochetes: Latin fusion

More bragging: all three bands were nominated for ‘Best Latin Act’ by the Westword.

More hype: all three bands will merge together like Voltron to drop a cumbia on everyone so get ready to rock your most comfortable dancing shoes that night!

There’s gonna be sweatin’…  and I love sweatin’…  I really do love sweatin’…

Here’s the Facebook event.  Try not to sweat on it, please, thanks!

See you there!


This weekend: Roka Hueka and Debajo del Agua at Ophelia’s!!!!

…and, yo (not to brag, *but….)

Roka and Debajo are the first and second bands listed in the Westword’s top-12 list of world-music acts to catch in Colorado this summer!!!

I ain’t lying…  You can click for that article here

All shows for June / July 2017


Tons of shows and stuff happening this summer…

I figured it’d be helpful to put out a little list of which band I’m playing with, where, when, why it’ll be a dope show, how it will make your face melt, etc…

Sunday, June 18: Roka Hueka will be performing in Colorado Springs for the first time in the history of Roka Hueka.  Never been done, never before attempted, this is reminiscent of the first space launch, we will arrive in Colorado Springs with nothing other than our abilities to melt faces and make booties shake.  First time.  Colorado Springs.  First time.  Location: Triple Nickel Tavern.  Click here for more details.

Saturday, June 24: I will be playing the Westword Music Showcase twice…  Once with Roka Hueka and then again with Roots, Rice & Beans (billed as Molina Speaks).  Click on the link above to see the schedule/location…

Sunday, June 25: I will be playing the Latinx Festival in Longmont with Roka Hueka.

Friday, July 7: You don’t wanna miss this show, you don’t wanna miss this show, you don’t wanna miss this show.  Roka Hueka at Ophelia’s with Al Capones and Roots, Rice & Beans!!!  Roka will be releasing its first video!  And lemme tell ya…  allow me to testify, even: So.  Much.  Fun.  To.  Do.  That.  Video.

You need to come out and skank your ass off to the funky ska rhythms of Roka and Al Capones…   also vibe with the funky-weird-freaky rhythms of Roots, Rice & Beanzzzzzzz….

Saturday, July 8: Pachamerica Festival 2 brought to you by Debajo del Agua.

This is where shit gets real.  This is where shit gets real real.  The OG’s of the bunch…

Debajo del Agua!!!

Check out this lineup: Debajo del Agua, Bang Data, 2MX2, and Yuca SoulDebajo del Agua will be releasing an album that night…  it’s the first album in like 1,372 years…  that shit is tight, yo…  I’m excited about this release…

What can you expect that night?  Really: everything that’s awesome about going to a bad-ass local show in the middle of a Colorado summer: dancing, sweating, good vibes, beautiful people, bad-ass drinks…  and as far as these bands, you can expect to hear the following: cumbia, hip hop, righteous lyrics, samba, salsa, ska, reggae, jazz, funk, son, Andean styles, reggeton, drum n’ bass, afrobeat, bossa nova, etc…  all performed as one big ol’ cosmic slop throughout the course of the night.

One.  Big.  Dirty.  Cosmic.  Slop.  …just for you.

Friday, July 14: Pink Hawks will be jamming out on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art!  Yo, this show is gonna be so dope!  I did this last year with Roka Hueka and it was awesome…  we’re on the rooftop, overlooking the city, open air, tight-ass band, bar up top (I recommend Bulliet bourbon for the occasion), check out some art…  you really can’t go wrong here.

Debajo del Agua/Artecura, Roka Hueka, and YukaSoul: Sat. Jan 7th, Ophelia’s.

Denver doodles,

Come to this show. The place is gonna be packed.

The January 7th, 2017 Musical Menu

Last time we played with YucaSoul he took us to every continent on the planet on some dope, danceable beats. He’s gonna open up the night. This man leads a double life in that he’s also Debajo’s bad ass percussionist. …an O.G. of the band.

Up next: Roka Hueka. Latin ska. Roka crushes it every time. Feels like we have a new song every month so if you haven’t seen us in a while it’ll be worth the journey. We take any/every rhythm we can think of and glue it together with a backbone of ska. A heavy Latin influence, high-energy, danceable, songs for love & struggle.

Finally: the OG’s of the night.

Debajo del Agua will set the place ablaze with a 20-song set.  I take a deep breath and gulp of saliva whenever I’m handed the Debajo del Agua set list.  That shit includes directions like: Saca–> into Aguas–>into ska–>into Cumbia–>into Luz–>into Sube Sube–>into Arabeton–>into Encapuchados, etc…

If I reflect on the fact that we only play together once every six months, then I’m all like: ‘How the hell do we make that shit happen every time?!’  But then if I reflect on the fact that we’ve known each other and played together for 10 years then I’m like: ‘OF COURSE we can do shit like that!’  In case you’ve never heard us: Debajo (aka ArteCura) takes all different types of rhythms (mostly Latin) and mixes it with socially-conscious hip hop in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  We’ve been packing Denver joints since 2006.

The show is at Ophelia’s.  Do yourself a favor: order an Airedale.

Here’s the link for tickets.

See you there sweet people!
In love and solidarity,

Debajo del Agua, ArteCura, YucaSoul Pachamerica Festival 2016

YO, yo, yo, yo, yoooooOOOooooOOOOOOOOOoooooOooOooOOOOooOoOOOOOOoo…

Check out this Debajo video:

…ten years with these cats.  This band took me to a whole new level as a musician.  Whole new level…

No firm plans on the next Debajo show…  You’ll see it here for sure though…

Debajo del Agua, ArteCura, Yucasoul at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

We came…
We saw…
We PACKED the place…

Close to 400 people in attendance!  We lit that shit up!

Debajo del Agua at Ophelia’s Saturday, June 18, 2016…

Next stop: the recording studio with ArteCura!!!

Inside Scoopers on Roka’s 1st album, ‘Red’



The inside scoop…

(cuz you know a guy)

On May 28th, Roka Hueka is releasing its first album.

It’s called ‘Red’.

I remember the weeks prior to recording I was *hoping(!!!) we would walk away with 3, maybe 5, album-worthy songs.

But we got into our recording space, did 2 takes per song, and walked away with 8 bad ass songs for our first album.

[…and one thing that was really important to me: we captured the energy of our shows by recording *live takes in the studio.]

Songs about love.
Songs about struggle.
Songs for Ferguson and Ayotzinapa.

This album is one of my proudest achievements.

This is the our first listen after a little while of recording…

Your Concert Calendar for May and June…


If you wanna be cool with the cool kids…

If you wanna be the one who walks into work, dropping knowledge bombs about all the bad ass local music in town…

If you just wanna bust a move, sweat it out, and get the fuck away from the drudges of every day capitalism…

Here’s your concert calendar for the next couple of months…

You can’t go wrong with any of these…

Sunday, May 1st: Pink Hawks will be performing with the 303 Choir at the Mercury Cafe. Come check us out as we perform with a local community youth choir! Show is at 2pm.

Friday, May 6th: ArteCura will be performing at the Walnut Room with 2Mx2.

Saturday, May 28th: Roka Hueka CD Release party at Ophelia’s! We’ll be rocking the stage with ArteCura and Quilombo!

Saturday, June 18th: Debajo del Agua!!! At Ophelia’s with ArteCura and YucaSoul! This’ gonna be off the hook.

Posters are listed in the same order:



The Debajo @ Ophelia’s poster is in the works…  ; ) 12932913_1674379199477888_4848435188870080518_n

Sat. May 28th, 2016!!! Save the Date!!!



Here’s what you can count on on May 28th:

Our first official CD release as a band!!!  A PARTY!!!!!!   The album is titled ‘Red’!

‘RED’!!!   : )

Three bad ass acts!  ArteCura bringing the Latin styles and Andean sounds, Quilombo bringing the cumbia, reggae, ska…  and of course: Roka Hueka bringin’ you that funky ass, sweaty ass, sexy ass, Latin ska you love to love.

See.  You.  There.  Grizzly.  Bear.